Japanese Beading Words
to enjoy baedwork with Japanese books...

When you get Japanese beading book, although the text is in Japanese,
I think you understand instructions by diagrams and photos.

But the material is explained by only the text,
so I tell you some Japanese words about materials etc.
Enjoy your beading time!

Japanese Word English
beads Beads
tokusho beads Seed beads size 15/0
marusho beads Seed beads size 11/0
marudai beads Seed beads size 8/0
glass beads Glass beads
firepolished beads Fire polished beads
swarovski beads Swarovski crystal beads
gemstone gemstone, precious stone, natural stone
gemstone gemstone, precious stone
tegusu Nylon monofilament cord, fishing line like Illusion Cord, C-Thru. It's nearly invisible.
We call it "TEGUSU". TEGUSU is used with most of Japanese beadworks.
TEGUSU's sizes increase as the measurement number increases.
[Diameter] 1gou : 0.165mm, 2gou : 0.235mm, 3gou : 0.285mm
wire Wire
nylon coated wire Nylon coated stainless steel wire like Tiger Tail, Soft Flex
kanagu Findings
balltip Bead Tip
tsubushidama / kashimedama Crimp beads
Tpin Head pin
9pin Eye pin
c-kan Oval Jumprings
marukan Round Jumprings
motif Motif

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