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Ruri-touDo you know "Ruri-tou()" that was found at NANZEN-JI Temple in Kyoto, Japan? Ruri-tou is a hanging lantern like a Japanese canopy (tengai) made of 1.5 million glass beads(including many tiny seed beads)! I think it is a very beautiful Asian chandelier :-)
"Ruri" means glass in old Japanese word. We don't know when and where it was made. It is very rare because of any beaded lantern isn't found like it in Japan. According to Asahi-Shinbun, a member of the Tokyo National Museum said it seems to be made in Chinese Min era.
According to Nanzen-ji's old diary, Tenryuu-ji Temple gave it to nanzen-ji as a present for the 400th Buddhist memorial service of Emperor Kameyama's death three hundred years ago.
Clikck for seeing Ruri-tou -> [1] , [2]
Nanzen-ji Temple's web site :
You can see the restoration prosess of Ruri-tou at Nanzen-ji's Japanese web page - click movies.

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