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Atelier SUZURAN is a community of Japanese beadworks
aimed exchanges infomation about making bead accessories and beadworks.

SUZURAN means "lily of the valley" in Japanese.
SUZURAN's code for flowers is "Happiness visits".
I hope the happiness visits this site's visitors :-)

p.s. I made a necklace and a pendant which imagined SUZURAN. see [BOW's profile].

BOW - Atelier SUZURAN cordinator

Some useful hints and tips about beading.

Beads Color
Find your favorite beads color combination!

Mini-dictionary Japanese to English about bead accessories.

Beads Books
Introduce some Japanese beading books. Meet wonderful beads books!

Free instruction of Japanese style basic techniques by BOW.

Free Projects
Free original beading projects by BOW.

Beads Talk
Guest book. Write your comment.

The link collection to wonderful websites about beading.

BOW's Gallery
BOW's bead accessories gallery.

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